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canyon road
image courtesy of High Desert Field Guides

Enter this gateway to the ancient and vibrant city of Santa Fe and discover why people across the globe continue to be entranced with the most magical region of the Southwest.

Santa Fe's adobe-lined streets, many still paved with desert dirt, teem with arts and culture. Celebrated across the globe, the city's sophisticated galleries and museums exhibit the work of painters, sculptors, jewelers, photographers and other world-renowned and emerging artists. Santa Fe's fame reaches so far, in fact, that the city's art market is the third largest in the country.

Santa Fe's high desert, haute cuisine, fine art and creative culture reflect an amazing history of diverse traditions stretching back across the centuries. The city's rich heritage is a fabric of many cultural strands, starting with the Native Americans who inhabited this region thousands of years ago, establishing villages, traditions and art forms that continue to thrive in contemporary Pueblo culture.

The city's Spanish Colonial roots remain strong, with generations of families devoted to preserving and enriching their ancestral traditions of storytelling, music, dance and art and craftsmanship with wood, tin, silver and other revered artistic mediums.

But there's more, including a lengthy roster of performing arts and artists both classical and contemporary, from opera singers to flamenco musicians and ballet dancers as well as poetry slammers and world music composers. Be sure to check out Santa Fe business websites for event and calendar listings.

Filmmakers around the world appreciate Santa Fe's scenery as well as its legions of resident professional directors, cinematographers, actors, screenwriters and support crews. The city has a solid reputation as a leading center for filmmaking as well as new, alternative and independent media--from digital and graphic design to high definition format.

Outdoor enthusiasts naturally love Santa Fe. Situated in the foothills of the Rockies, the city is surrounded by magnificent mountains offering great slopes for skiing and serene spots for camping and hiking. The waters of the Rio Grande appeal to river rafters as well as boating and fishing enthusiasts.

Hardy green thumbs toil in Santa Fe's glorious gardens, fed by leading water conservation technologies that combat drought, including Xeriscaping and Permaculture.

Santa Fe is also a culinary capital, offering an acclaimed dining scene for just about every taste. Choose from traditional northern New Mexican restaurants to contemporary restaurants serving global fusion, European cuisines and more. Foodies love Santa Fe for its world-class cooking schools, award-winning chefs, food festivals and impressive number of local growers focused on foods of the Southwest.

Santa Fe also attracts serious book lovers who appreciate the city's rich literary history and contemporary book events. World-famous authors make their home here, many writers from around the world travel here on book tours, and the literary calendar is full of events hosted by numerous local bookstores and independent publishers.

Santa Fe boasts a well-deserved reputation for the healing arts. Take a soak in an Asian-inspired hot tub or ancient hot springs or relax with an array of traditional massages and you'll agree -- there's no better place to relax and rejuvenate.

And to fully experience Santa Fe's enchantment, you don't have to live here year-round. Ample vacation rentals range from sleepy summer casitas to full-service ski condos as well as luxurious lodgings in haciendas, rambling adobes, guesthouses and the tried-and-true hotels and bed and breakfasts. (If you're intent on moving here, real estate remains hot.)

The city of Santa Fe is a unique gem, and will guide you to sites worth visiting. Whether you're a longtime resident reacquainting yourself with local treasures or a first-time visitor uncovering the city's endless delights, step inside and explore the very best of Santa Fe.

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