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About Santa Fe.Net

Who We Are

Built, operated and maintained by locals, artists and local businesses; Santa Fe net works to pair people with products, services and information about Santa Fe, NM and the surrounding area. Listings are verified and updated daily and content throughout the site is automatically curated to help highlight the cool stuff that goes on and gets done in and around Santa Fe.

Participation in Santa is voluntary or otherwise made possible by Fair Use Law.  Copyright holders maintain their copyright so be sure to check with the respective website owners for their policies.


Personal information is not collected or sold to third parties.  Google analytics is used to measure traffic and general useage behavior.  The Favorites feature of the website uses the browser's html5 localstorage function to store information on the device for later use. If you prefer not to have that information stored on your device, please don't click the favorites icon found with each item. You can always clear out localstorage by visiting the Favorites page and pressing the "clear storage" link available on that page.

Friends of

Santa may list businesses, individuals and others that have a longtime and historical connection to Santa Fe and those who maintain this website.  Many of these are family and friends who used to live here and continue to provide regular support to and it's members. Like the Santa Fe sites listed throughout, these individuals and businesses have something truly special to offer and are worth checking out - we hope they inspire you as they do us.


Santa does not sell your data. It is completely funded by members and donated time. Anyone can make Santa Fe Net work for their business by participating directly, making a donation or by sponsoring a website.   All Proceeds are used to support operational costs, ongoing development and marketing, and contribute to a sustainable community.


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